Are you wondering why life is so difficult and stressful? 

Would you like help with relationship challenges?

Are you frustrated about reaching your goals?

Are you angry or sad a lot of the time?

Are unpleasant memories getting in your way?

Does it seem like you're missing something?

​​I can help you develop the skills and insight to be all you want to be.  In a warm, safe, and even fun environment, you'll get to explore new ways to think about your experience and try out more effective ways to approach your challenges. 

Give me a call.  Come see how much better things can be!

Relationships     Anxiety     Depression     Trauma 

Emotional Disturbance     Communication 

Personal Awareness     Codependency     Stress 

Emotional Intelligence     Mindfulness

LGBTQ Affirming and knowledgeable

​​Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Counselor

​​​​Carolyn Waterfall, MS, LPC