Create A Great Place To Work!

Would you like your traditional or virtual team to be more self-sufficient and accountable?

How about staff  who provide outstanding customer service and communicate well with each other?

Do you want inspiring and practical coaching experiences that can improve all aspects of your life fast?

Or, do you need a meeting facilitator who can support your team to achieve exceptional performance?

Perhaps you're experiencing a conflict you would like help to resolve.

Carolyn combines entertaining and brain-friendly training techniques with evidence-based practice that will give you what you're looking for.

Together we will create a custom program to achieve your personal and professional goals!


Listen to Carolyn share some ideas to enhance collaboration in virtual teams!

                                                   Hosted by Kendra Pink.

​​​​Carolyn Waterfall, MS, LPC

Carolyn Waterfall, MS, LPC, is a woman-owned, emerging small business in Oregon.

WBE/ESB Certification # 9839.

Inspiring others to dream, learn, do and become more!

​​Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Counselor

Carolyn Waterfall is an Organization and Professional Development trainer, mediator, meeting facilitator, and coach based in Portland, Oregon.  She helps businesses build inclusive, cohesive, high performing virtual and in-person teams.  Your team will meet

critical business needs, improve listening skills, provide excellent customer service,

learn to work with difficult people and difficult situations, and develop emotional


Carolyn can also coach you to overcome limiting beliefs, negative emotions and behavior to create your best life!

Carolyn has such great energy and she turned complex data and information into useful tools that improved my life at work and home.                       City of Portland Employee

Carolyn's love for effective communication skills is contagious. She makes it easier to be a call center worker like me.                                                                                                 TriMet Employee

Carolyn practiced the art of team development.  We flourished and excelled under her team building leadership!                                                            Multnom​ah County Aging                                                                          & Disability Services Employee​​